I came down to Chumphon in central Thailand.

I came down to Chumphon in central Thailand.


This is Sam from Cressi Japan.
The other day I went scuba at Chumphon in Thailand. The temperature and UV were comfortable in the dark day. However, the transparency was a little disappointing about XNUMXm, and there were places where the flow was quite strong.

The highlights were the poisonous sea snakes and the very beautiful sea anemone was a large "garden". I didn't see the expected whale shark, but I was satisfied!

There were some shocking events. .. .. Underwater camera submerged! ! ! Tears! No diving photos! Tears xXNUMX!

Please see the pictures before and after diving:


The camera is submerged and "Shobo-naka"Went around in the water

See you!


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