Grand opening sale information

Notice of sale contents

Two weeks from 3:1 on March 00 to 00:3 on March 14,To commemorate the opening of Cressy Japan HP,

Grand opening sale will be held.

During the period,You can see from the posted products and downloadsCatalogsInside30% off all products.Items that are not in stock are also eligible.This is a plan unique to a grand opening sale.Please purchase at this opportunity.

Tips and notes

-CatalogsAmong the products inside,Some products are prohibited from being handled in Japan.Please note that we cannot accept these orders. ((Example: knife, some spear guns, etc.)

・Out of stock products or not sold on HPCatalogsAbout the products in, It is not available for purchase on HP.Please order from inquiries.

-CatalogsThe products inside are available in stock at Cressy Headquarters.It is possible to order all products.

・Out of stock products or not sold on HPCatalogsThe products areWe accept it as a reservation.The products reserved during the grand opening sale areItems in stock at Cressy Headquarters will be delivered to customers in mid-April.For products that are not in stock at Cressy Headquarters, we will contact you separately.

・The products you reserved during the grand opening sale areAll discounts are 30% off Grand Open Sale. However,We do not accept cancellation of products booked during this periodPlease understand.

・For all prices,Please see the price list below. This price isThe manufacturer's suggested retail price is displayed. The sale price is30% off this price.
Grand Open Sale Price List