A1 mask

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A1 isFree die designed for people in Asia with a relatively small faceA stylish mask for bing and scuba diving.The reinforced lens is one design and has anti-fog processing.The lens that is tilted downward makes it easy to see downwards.Has becomeEspecially when scuba diving, the gauge etc. are very easy to see.Su.Silicone is very soft and fits various shapes of face.

The upper end of the silicone skirt has two layers to prevent water ingress...The lower end of the skirt is designed for easy drainage.
Straps and buckles that can be easily fine-tuned with one hand,And the nose pocket is soft and you can easily adjust the air pressure.
There are two types, clear and yellow iridium lenses.The yellow iridium lens makes the color more vivid when diving.
The UV420 lens prevents UV damage to your eyes.
(Yellow lens only)


  • A mask designed for people in Asia.
  • Anti-fog processedOne reinforced lens.
  • Soft silicone fits perfectly on various faces.
  • Easy-to-adjust strap system.
  • A yellow iridium lens that cuts UV rays and makes underwater colors more vivid.