Big Eyes Evolution Mask

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  • ¥7,100
  • Regular price ¥9,020


This revolutionary mask is made from a new material that allows for a comfortable and tight seal. The new material, Silicone, is not only chosen because of its high airtightness, but its soft and comfortable feel. The contact between the face and the mask is possible with a very wide angle, and the design of the skirt has been reborn.

This mask is as comfortable as ever and won't leave any marks on your face even after extended use. The redesigned skirt has ribs inside for a perfect fit and support.
Cressie's patented inverted drop type lens (shape with inverted teardrop) is a compact lens, or it is as close to the eyes as possible to widen the field of view. Compared to MATRIX mask, it has 25% more visibility. The flexible, easy-to-adjust buckle is attached using Cressie's double injection molding technology for both comfort and exceptional durability. The headband is reduced to a thickness that is almost invisible when used.

The lens can be replaced with a dedicated prescription lens. Eyeglasses You can change it yourself by using a small screwdriver. The Big Eye Evolution storage box is made from 100% recycled materials. Cressy also considers the environment.
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Highly sealed silicone skirt

Skirt structure with different rigidity depending on parts

Headbands made from 3 materials are inconspicuous when used

With finely adjustable buckle

25% lower visibility compared to MATRIX mask

Small internal volume

There is a prescription lens (sold separately)