Kufu Snorkel

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The Kofu Snorkel is a semi-dry snorkel that allows the user to breathe firmly and enjoy the view of the coral under his eyes.The bore provides ample airflow and the low purge valve makes it easy to clear when clearing is required.
KofuWith a splash guard on the top of the, which greatly reduces the ingress of water.
The mouthpiece is made of high quality soft silicone, which is easier to use and has excellent durability and lasts longer than PVC.The sloping mouthpiece reduces chin fatigue and has a streamlined design that calculates water resistance.Comes with an adjustable snorkel holder for combination with various types of masks.


Weight: 180g

Splash guard equipment

Foldable with ultra flexible tube

Made of high quality soft silicone

Corrugated tube & purge valve

Easily removable snorkel holder-equipped

For adults

Made in Italy