Digi2 Console
Digi 2 console

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The underwater pressure gauge and depth gauge required for diving have become digital.Cressi's Digi2 is compact yet compactIt is a console developed for the purpose of displaying necessary information in a large size.

From a normal underwater pressure gauge represented by a needle and a small numberDigi2 for easy reading of information.Water depth, tank pressure,Shows the remaining dive time and water temperature.Also,It also records the maximum water depth.Supports water depths up to 120m.Tank pressure 300 bar.When it is 50 bar or less, the display flashes to signal.

There are no buttons or menus.A mechanism to understand all information at a glance.Lighter than an analog gauge, making it easy to carry on a trip (122g).The battery can be replaced by the user.If the battery cover is not closed properlyThere is a warning function that gives a signal. (Cressi patented technology)

Battery life is very efficient and lasts about 1,000 dives.When not in use, the screen turns off automatically, and you can remove the cover orIt turns on automatically when connected to the tank.It flashes to let you know when the battery capacity is low.Battery life is about one week from the start of blinking.The magnetic protective cover isProtects the screen when not in use.

Digi2 is not a diving computer.
Therefore, you cannot plan or record your dive.
Digi2 is a must-have for diving equipment.

The case is made of ABS plastic and is not easily scratched.
With a ring to connect to BCD.

Regarding attached batteries

The battery that comes with the product is a monitor battery.
It was built in at the factory to check the function and performance.
The monitor battery may have a shorter life than stated, as the battery will be consumed by the time you purchase it.The battery of this diving computer can be replaced by the user himself, so there is no problem with purchasing or replacing the battery that matches the product at an electric appliance store.
In addition, battery replacement will be charged even during the warranty period.