Drake Titanium
Freediving computer

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Drake Titanium is a dive computer built for advanced freedivers.

It was designed based on the Newton computer that has already been proven.

Equipped with four different free diving programs in a modern watch-type design,

Display allows divers to instantly and intuitively check and judge the display

It is displayed in the best layout and font size on one screen.

It also contains adjustable parameters and a large amount of information.


Stainless steel, titanium, ABSDrake, which is made of anti-shock case, is strong against impact and friction and lightweight.

Maximum diameter 52.5 mmThe display size and layout of the characters on the screen are very easy to see even on a small computer

The sides are extremely flat with a maximum width of 15.8 mm

Finished in an edgeless design that follows fluid dynamics so that it will not get caught


The case that houses the computer body uses stainless steel and durable techno polymer.

Computers are stored and protected

ボ タ ン

4 on the sideThe two buttons are not only waterproof but also prevent the entry of fine particles and sand grains

OA small button with a ring seal and good operability


The scratch-resistant mineral crystal display is extremely durable and surrounded by stainless steel for protection.

If you want to protect your computer from shocks, you can use a silicon protector.

Widescreen UFDS (User-Friendly Display System)Is the diameter35 mm

The case is 51 mm in diameterMakes it easy to confirm navigation and menus

Information displayed is easy to confirm instantly even in an emergency or under stressful conditions

Use underscores below information to distinguish


It is designed to flash automatically either manually or when an alarm sounds.

Drake features

Designed for freediving, Drake creates information to help freedivers avoid danger.

We have a setting that can notify you with an alarm.

In order to reduce the risk of "Tarabana" decompression sickness etc. time)

Recommended recovery time (RRT) by ratio calculationEquipped with settings

RRT(Recommended recovery time)

FREEPROThe two free diving modes of have new settings.

It will calculate the recovery time needed to avoid dangers and accidents in the deep sea.

Calculate the time required for recovery from the number of dive times, depth, apnea time, and alarm will sound

It can be set.

Self-managing with alarm set & settings

All 4Very effective voice and visual for training and recording in two freediving modes

It is possible to set an alarm. (Alarm that can be set depends on the mode)


[Free mode]

・Recommended recovery time alarm (calculated from daily dive time and number of times)

・Surface time & recovery time alarm

・Depth alarm

・Dive time alarm

・Dive frequency alarm

・Alarm sound ON/OFFConfiguration

・Seawater/Pool settings


[Pro mode]

・All settings that can be performed in free mode

・Constant depth alarm (example) 5mAlarm for each fixed depth such as alarm for each

・Automatic light ONConfiguration


[Static mode]

・Surface time & recovery time alarm

・Dive time alarm

・Alarm snooze ON/OFFConfiguration


[Dynamic mode] 

• All alarm settings available in static mode

・Water surface time & diving time alarm

・Number of times alarm (set the maximum number of dives during training and check how many times the dive is)




◆Memory:Program settings and alarm settings for each mode

◆ History display:Three log data history display of static, dynamic and deep apnea

◆Dive blog: 60Dive log can be saved (total dive count, depth, maximum dive time history)
◆Alarm sound & visual alarm:Adjustable

◆ Size: Diameter 52.5 × Thickness15.8mm
◆ Face size:直径 35mm

◆ Weight:135g


◆Battery power save:Switch to power save mode when not in use
battery:CR2430 *User can replace it

◆Display symbol:m & ℃ / ft & ℉ switchable

◆ STATIC, DYNAMICTraining table can be added to the mode

◆ There is a setting switch between seawater and fresh water
Sampling time can be set

◆Stopwatch, lap time, split time function

PCLinks: PCCompatible interface (sold separately: Japanese not supported)

Supported OS : Windows/Mac

◆ Clock:Accuracy +/- 50Monthly average of seconds
           24Time display

※standard:Maximum accuracy is measured in normal use in seawater