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If you're looking for a mask that's already well-proven in product quality and has been in the product line for years, rather than adventure with a new product, then this focus is exactly what you're looking for. is.

Focus is a mask that has been recognized around the world, and it can be said to be the traditional combat horse of Cressy. Focus is the world's first tilted glass mask using Cressy's patented technology.

The ultra-lightweight and compact design uses the hypoallergenic silicone skirt, which is sealed with a double feather edge that provides a comfortable fit even after long-term use, and fits various face types. Compact size mask with minimal lens distance, which gives you great visibility at all angles.

The strap has a wide design to enhance fit and comfort, and the buckle is swivel for quick length adjustment. Equipped with a one hands nose pocket so that you can easily see through with one hand even when using thick gloves. The included plastic BOX protects the mask during storage.

*The focus mask can be replaced with a prescription lens. (Sold separately)
The lens is here>> Link