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The lineup of fins with abundant Cressy is known worldwide,
The newest of these is the Frog Plus, an open heel scuba diving fin.
Frog Plus retains the excellent features of conventional paddle fins,
Innovative and new blade material has been introduced to create a durable and durable fin.

Frog Plus utilizes Cressie's patented 3-material injection molding process.
These three materials are a comfortable rubber material on the foot pocket that connects to the side rail of the blade.
The second material is an innovative new double density technopolymer forming the blade.
Double-density technopolymer, together with the third material, silicon-based material, creates a channeling effect.

With this channeling effect, the energy generated by UP & DOWN strokes remains at a high level
It is a characteristic of Frog Plus by transmitting it. The Frog Plus has a foot pocket under the blade.
CRESSI patented design. With the foot pocket in this position, the working area of ​​the blade is expanded by 20%.
The combination of channeling effect and blade action area increase,
It is possible to obtain a very powerful and efficient propulsion force from the smallest movement.
The frog fin is ideal for a wide range of people from beginner divers to advanced divers.


Material: Double density polymer, rubber, silicone

Made in Italy