GARA 2000 HF

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The Gala 2000HF is a classic product in the diving world and is the industry's first fin manufactured using the three-material molding process, which is a patented technology of Cressy. It's the perfect choice for those looking for fins for ultimate performance in deep freediving and spearfishing, and for those seeking more depth. The Gala 3HF is the most comfortable full-foot fin with the hardest blade in the Cressie lineup.

The blades are made of a special polypropylene that is super lightweight yet has a great response and responds like a spring when the direction of force is reversed, at the right time. The feet are wrapped in soft elastomer, which is comfortable and at the same time perfectly transmits the propulsion force of the flippers. Copolymer is used around the foot and extends from there along the fins on both ends of the blade. These two stringers are reinforced at the bottom of the blade with a special band that adjusts the band and at the same time absorbs shock and prevents scratches. A long, hard blade with a built-in stringer and runner effectively guides the flow of water through the blade.

The fins are engineered to combine multiple synthetic materials for comfort and flexibility in the foot and strength and rigidity in the heel and blades. Comfortable with or without neoprene socks. The Gala 2000HF is a very efficient fin with a much lighter weight and much smaller inertial mass than similar models made of rubber.
Although this fin was designed for skin diving, it is highly appreciated by scuba professionals and instructors.


Long blade

Full foot

Suitable for deep free diving and spearfishing

For advanced divers

Made in Italy