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Cressy introduces the Gala Modular Long Blade/Foot Pocket System.

The Gala Modular system is the perfect choice for divers of all levels who enjoy deep freediving and spearfishing. The modular design allows the blades to be replaced, and it is possible to upgrade to match the growth level as a diver, or change the blades depending on the purpose to always make perfect fins. The long blade made of glass fiber or carbon fiber can be replaced in minutes without any adjustment.

The self-adjusting foot pockets are manufactured using the most modern synthetic material joining process to provide comfort and flexibility under the legs while transmitting force while the bottom and heel of the foot pockets are made of a stiffer synthetic material. Is used. The angle of the blade creates the ultimate efficiency of moving the blade with a small load during the kick cycle.
You can wear it comfortably with or without neoprene socks (diving socks).

Gala modular foot pockets can be removed and used with optional angled blades or straight blades. In addition, modular blades are sold separately one by one for upgrades and replacements yourself.

◎The foot pocket of Gala Modular is slightly wider than the fins of other Gala models. We recommend wearing neoprene socks for a proper fit. If you don't wear socks, we recommend a small size.


Long blade

Blade replaceable

Self-adjusting foot pocket

Made in Italy