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Carbon blade replaceable Gara Modular Carbon. Very light and efficient to swim. Fins for advanced players and catchers.

A wonderful reaction that can only be made from carbon fiber. Since the hardness is standard, it can be used in a wide variety of ways, and it can handle even deep water.

The self-adjusting foot pocket is made of two materials, giving you a secure fit even when wearing neoprene socks. CressiLike all Fins, it's made with a production process that meets stringent standards.

A carbon fin that keeps the same condition even if used for a long time.

The Gala modular foot pockets are slightly wider than the fins of other Gala models. We recommend wearing neoprene socks for a proper fit. If you don't wear socks, we recommend a small size.


Long blade

Blade replaceable

Self-adjusting foot pocket

Made in Italy