King Freediving Computer
Freediving computer

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We will serve the 2022 NEW model at a special price only for pre-orders!
For those who pre-order during January, the 1 NEW model will be discounted by an additional 2022% from the Cressi Japan special price! (After February, the regular price will be 20 yen except during the sale period.)
The products you have reserved will be shipped in order from the products available from the end of March.
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The latest free diving computer King from Cressi.It is a very compact freediving computer with a main body of 48 mm and a screen of 35 mm.

Cressi's unique algorithm developed to prevent Taravana decompression sickness protects divers.

King with a stainless steel button structure on mineral glass and a durable ABS case is 120m water resistant and pressure resistant.


  • High contrast screen
  • Easy operation
  • 12/24 hour clock
  • Stopwatch
  • Countdown timer
  • Dual time
  • alarm
  • Backlit screen
  • Tide ebb and flow display
  • Battery long-lasting design
  • sleep mode
  • Battery can be replaced by the user
  • Freediving function
  • XNUMX-step Taravana decompression sickness prevention algorithm
  • Pulmonary edema prevention setting
  • Water temperature display
  • Maximum water depth
  • Dive time
  • Interval time
  • Session timer
  • Ascent and dive speed display
  • Recovery time alarm
  • Internal water retention alarm
  • Seawater / freshwater setting
  • Off mode
  • Logbook
  • PC compatible interface (sold separately: Japanese not supported)
  • Supported OS: Windows / Mac
  • * Please download the instruction manual and quick reference from the manufacturer's website.

Regarding attached batteries

The battery that comes with the product is a monitor battery.
It is built in to check the function and performance at the time of shipment from the factory.
The battery will be consumed before it is delivered to the customer.Monitor batteries do not guarantee the stated life.The battery of the diving computer can be replaced by the user himself.There is no problem if you purchase a battery that matches the product and replace it.
Battery exhaustion is not covered by the warranty.