Lumia + Flashlight
Lumia flashlight

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A flashlight with a design that is easy to use in any situation. A power switch that can be easily operated with one finger without visually checking.
The body coated with plastic rubber protects Lumia +.

The shape of the main body is asymmetrical, and you can tell by the feel of the top and bottom of Lumia +.

The power switch has three settings: on, off and auto off. With the auto-off setting, the light automatically turns off when you remove your finger from the switch. Signaling is a very convenient setting for catching.

You can adjust the length of the strap, but the elastic rubber allows you to remove it immediately in an emergency. 

Uses 3 rechargeable or regular AA batteries.
Unlike ordinary flashlights, it uses an electricity saving system that is 30% more efficient.

There are two levels of brightness, and if you accidentally forget to turn it off, it will turn off automatically.Lumia + will signal you when it's time to replace the batteries.

The light emitting diode has a color close to that of sunlight, and the bluish underwater world looks like the color of the world of sunlight.

6 with a very transparent and durable Polycarbonate lens° OfIt is adjusted to the spot angle.


  • Body coated with plastic rubber.
  • Power switch with XNUMX settings.
  • Two power settings: 210 lm / and 260 lm / 25000 lux.
  • Light emitting diode with a color close to sunlight (cri> 75)
  • 6° spot angle light.