Medas 5mm

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Medas Wet is a classic style 5+5mm wet.Made for use in warmer regions,By using with the separately sold inner vest,It can also be used in areas with cold water temperatures.

The new pattern fits your body better.

The preform structure of the foot fits naturally.There are no seams under the armpits, making it hard to rub.

Glide Skin neoprene is used on the wrists and ankles to prevent water ingress.It is also suitable for rental of diving centers.

There is a Powertex reinforcement pad from the shin to the knee,Durable yet excellent elasticity.

5mm neoprene jacket with diagonal RIRI front zipper.

Uses a smooth neoprene material to prevent water from entering the foot.

The pants are warmer than the ones up to the waist because they extend to the neck.