Morea Junior Wetsuits 3mm

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Morea is a 3mm neoprene one-piece wetsuit. It is suitable for scuba in the tropical sea, but it is also useful in various water sports scenes such as snorkeling and swimming in the summer area.

It is sewn with flat stitch that uses stretch treated thread and has stretch and reliable seams. The shoulder part uses a combination of pearl gray and super elastic fabric for an elegant and smart design.
The main material, neoprene, is naturally elastic, but when combined with the new elastic nylon, it is more comfortable to use. The back zipper is equipped with a YKK® zipper and Aquastop® flap to prevent water from entering, and the wrist and ankle are finished with a reliable overlock cuff.
Super elastic Ultraspan® is used for the collar. Anatomically shaped with an anatomic shape® collar that is anatomically sensitive to chest and neck angles and designed to be breathless. Nylon fabric mixed with Ultraspan© is used for the joint part of the fabric to increase elasticity and durability, and the surface is also smooth. Smooth neoprene is used in the chest part, and durability, elasticity, smoothness, and quick drying are also attractive.