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Palau fins were designed for two purposes.

The first is the foot pocket that fits XNUMX-XNUMX different sizes of feet, so I wanted to be able to share the fins. It is very convenient not only for sharing with family and friends but also for schools and rental businesses without having to prepare many sizes.

The second purpose was to make an open heel type fin that is comfortable and easy to wear even if you wear it barefoot. Palau adapts to a wide range of foot sizes and can be easily worn in a variety of situations.

The blades are made of a lightweight and responsive material that allows you to easily kick and create powerful kick force. The blade is shaped to extend from the top of the foot pocket, maximizing the surface area. The strap is equipped with a tab for easy removal. This tab is also useful for clipping to other equipment or bodies. The foot pocket uses soft elastomer for comfort.


Lightweight long blade

Open heel

Suitable for rental because it fits 3-4 size feet

Foot pocket with soft elastomer

Made in Italy