About returned goods

About returned goods

■ Should the item be damaged at the time of delivery,Or, if you received a product different from the one you ordered, report the product.Please be sure to contact us within 7 days from the closing date.After checking the stock, we will replace it with a new product or refund immediately.Let's eat.

(Our company will bear the shipping cost for exchange and return.. )

■ Conditions for accepting returns

It must be unopened, unused, and unpowered. We will only contact you within 7 days after the item arrives, and we will only accept it.


■Contact ・We will not be able to receive it even if you return it by freight collect without our consent. Please be sure to contact us in advance.

Contact: cressi@infin8.co.jp


■Return shipping and handling costs

In case of initial failure... Our company will bear it.

In case of customer's convenience ... The customer is responsible for the cost.


■ About refund

When paying by credit: After confirming the returned product, we will cancel the credit. We will contact you once the processing is complete.

In case of cash on delivery/bank transfer・・・Infineate Co., Ltd. will refund the product price to the specified bank account.


Contact address for returns

Telephone number: 052-792-8738

Email address: cressi@infin8.co.jp

*We will inform you of the return address after we contact you.