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Company Overview

461-0005 1-9-3 Higashisakura, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 8F

Representative:Masakazu Saito

Store manager:Masakazu Saito

Store Security Officer:Masakazu Saito

Store contact:


About business hours

Orders and inquiries are accepted XNUMX hours a day.

Shipping and contact from us will be handled during business hours.

For inquiries by phone, please contact us during the following times.

 ■ Weekdays 10:00-17:00

* We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.


About payment

Credit card

[Handling card]

The handling cards are as follows.

One-time payment is possible at all card companies.



■ CRESSI JAPANWith card paymentSSLWe are using the system.

Please be assured that your card number will be encrypted before being sent.

■ We do not issue a credit card copy on this card payment system.

■Please check the usage details sent by the card company.


※ We may change to other settlement methods depending on the use condition of visitor.

※ We may ask for your identity verification (telephone verification etc.) when ordering.

* You cannot use a credit card with a different name from the customer.


Bank Transfer


We will guide you by automatic delivery mail after ordering


■ Customers are responsible for the transfer fee.

■ Will be shipped after payment is confirmed.

■Please be careful not to lose the copy of the transfer.


Cash on delivery

[Contractor] Sagawa Express Co., Ltd.

Total product price

Cash-on-delivery charge

~ 10000Yen


10001Yen ~ 30000Yen


30001Yen ~100000Yen


  100001Yen ~


*The listed fees include consumption tax.


■ When using cash on delivery, the purchaser will be responsible for the cash on delivery fee.

Please prepare the total amount stated in the email sent from our shop plus the cash-on-delivery charge.

■ The price should be paid by the Sagawa Express delivery staff at the time of delivery.     



home delivery

[Contractor] Sagawa Express

[Product shipping timing]

We will not contact you until the product has been shipped after the order confirmation email, which is basically sent automatically after your order. If there is a clear deviation from the schedule, or if you have any questions regarding delivery, we will contact you by email, so if you have registered your mobile address, Please make settings so that you can receive emails from.

※※ CRESSI JAPANWe accept orders from multiple sites and vendors, so please note that even if the site is in stock, it may actually be out of stock. ※※

We will contact you if any missing items are found after your order.

 ■ When the product is in stock

Bank transfer ⇒ After confirming payment, 4We will ship within business days.

Credit / Cash on Delivery ⇒ After confirming your order, 4We will ship within business days.

■ When out of stock

We accept orders from time to time.

1 depending on the situationYou may have to wait for about two months. Please understand.

After confirming your order, we will contact you by e-mail to the registered address when progress information is entered.

More informations

■If multiple orders are placed, the delivery may be different depending on the stock status.


【You can specify your desired delivery time zone】

*However, even if the time is specified, it may not be possible to deliver within the specified time depending on the area and various circumstances.

* When delivering to a corporation, when the delivered package is large (3)Edge total260cm,weight50kgThe above time cannot be specified for (above). Please understand.



Uniform throughout Japan 880 yen (tax-included) I will receive.

* Free shipping for purchases of 3980 yen or more.
(In the case of delivery to a remote island, 9800 yenFree shipping on purchases aboveWill be delivered at).


Shipping tax   This price includes sales tax.

Treatment of remote islands and others   Additional shipping charges may apply for remote islands and some areas.


About overseas sales International Shipping 

2020Years9We started shipping overseas from the month. Please note that some areas may not be shipped due to the influence of corona.
As of September 2020, we have started international delivery. Please be aware that due to Covid-19, some restrictions are in place.


About consumption tax

Consumption tax rate 10%

Consumption tax calculation order           Consumption tax calculation for each product

Less than XNUMX yen consumption tax fraction    Rounded down


About returned goods

■ In the unlikely event that the product is damaged at the time of delivery, or if a product different from the one you ordered arrives, be sure to start from the product delivery date 7Please contact us within a day. After checking the stock, we will immediately replace it with a new product or refund it.

(We will bear the shipping cost for exchange / return.)

■ Conditions for accepting returns

Must be unopened and unused. 7 after the item arrivesWe will only contact you within a day and accept it from here.

■ Contact ・ We will not be able to receive the item even if you return it by cash on delivery without our consent. Please be sure to contact us in advance.


■Return shipping and handling costs

In case of initial failure ... We will bear the cost.

In case of customer's convenience: Customers are responsible for the cost.

■ About refund

In case of credit card payment: After confirming the returned product, we will cancel the credit card. We will contact you again after the processing is completed.

In the case of cash on delivery or bank transfer ... Infinite Co., Ltd. will refund the product price to the specified bank account.

Contact address for returns

Email address:

* We will inform you of the return address after contacting us.