Cressi innovation

Cressi's innovation has been endowed with design and technical talentIt all started with his brother's passion for the sea.

Egidio and Nanni Cressi are masks and spears that can catch prey more efficiently and quickly.After repeated trial and error in the nearby sea, I was wondering if I could develop a cancer.I started the development by hand.
Their products quickly became popular and in 1946 founded CRESSI in Genova, Italy.

The Cressi brand is still the destination of the world water sports worldA pioneer,The CRESSI family still owns this brand,We are taking over the DNA of continuing to innovate.

With a history of product development for over half a century, and waters around the worldWe have announced many products that will help advance the port market.

Pinnochio Mask World's first diving mask with nose pocket
Rondine Freediving Fins Efficient and innovative long blades
Big Eyes Evolution Mask Crystal Silicon & High Angle Lens
Leonardo Diving Computer Decompression Algorithm

The history of this innovation is that the products are manufactured in Italy's own factory facility.It has been made possible by the commitment.

State-of-the-art machinery and over 16,000 square meters of roofed spaceAllows the design and manufacturing process to be carried out in parallel,Brings to the highest standards of quality.

In addition, engineers can quickly develop and test the latest technology and materials.We can work on it because we have our own factory facility.

Cressi can always provide you with the latest and highest standard productsThat's the reason.