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This fin features a very responsive polypropylene blade, and weight is no longer an issue. Special processing of the blade surface brings stability to the traveling direction and gives a lot of propulsive force to the kick power of the diver.

The foot pockets use thermo-rubber with different hardness depending on the part, and the ergonomic design makes it easy to wear and comfortable to use.

The EBS strap on the heel has a unique design from Cressie, and we have developed this special strap to meet the needs of divers who want a comfortable fit on their feet as well as practicality and ease of use.

Made from a special bungee cord that fits all foot sizes and shapes, it is equipped with enough handles for easy putting on and taking off even when wearing thick gloves. The strap itself is so flexible that no adjustment buckle is needed. If you adjust the equipment a little when entering the water, after that you can enjoy diving comfortably with the fins firmly fitting your feet.

◎ ARA EBS HB (Hard Blade) Black only
The hard blade is designed to be stiff, and is an item for advanced users who are looking for fins with propulsive force. It offers the best performance in wetsuits and combinations in high currents and difficult conditions.


Blade material: polypropylene

Foot pocket material: Thermo rubber

Made in Italy