Eretra BCD

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We will serve the 2022 NEW model at a special price only for pre-orders!
For those who pre-order during January, the 1 NEW model will be discounted by an additional 2022% from the Cressi Japan special price! (After February, the regular price will be 20 yen except during the sale period.)
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However, the production status of manufacturers and the status of orders worldwide,
Depending on the corona situation, it may be delayed significantly (late April to early May).
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Elettra BCD is a BCD developed for women.Designed for a tight fit, perfect buoyancy control, and technical features.
40mm buckle fits female body shape.
The lower part of the shoulder strap rotates to fit the body.Air-net material is used for the fabric part that touches the body, making it comfortable and improving drainage.

The waistband uses the Cressi patented SPWB (Self Pivoting Waist Band) system for a comfortable fit.
The soft back plate allows the BCD to be folded compactly, making it ideal for travel and other transportation.
Cressi's Flat Lock Integrated Weight System makes it easy to drop weights in an emergency. The BCD has two tank supports and is designed to help balance the trim when diving.