Frog fin

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This fin has an extremely advanced design using two materials with completely different characteristics.

Tough polypropylene is used for the blade part, and soft elastomer (thermo rubber) is used for the foot pocket and feet. The result is a fin that is of average size, yet extremely lightweight and well-balanced, producing surprisingly fast response and intense thrust.

Stringers that extend along the sides of the blade and flaps on the sides of the blade end create a very high degree of orientation. The blades are located above the foot pockets and this design provides 20% more surface area than traditional fins of the same size. This foot pocket is computer designed for ideal transmission of fin propulsion.

Ultralight, perfectly balanced and modernly designed, Prolite is a well-featured fin that delivers superior performance without over-composing physical stress on the diver. This fin is a great choice for professional divers even for beginners and is very popular among instructors and technical divers.


Material: polypropylene, thermo rubber

Made in Italy