GARA 3000 LD

  • *Cressi Japan special price*
  • ¥13,400
  • Regular price ¥14,960


The Gala series is a stiffer blade, but this Gala 3000LD is a little softer, so it is also suitable for entry-level divers.
This fin is easy to use even for beginner divers and divers who are about to start a long blade.

The Gala 3000 is focused on durability, and is composed of soft plastic blades with good power transfer rate, making your feet less tired even for long diving and beginner divers.
Gala 3000LD is a very comfortable full-foot type fin, manufactured by Cressie's original 3 material molding process, combining different synthetic materials to give flexibility to the legs, and the rigidity obtained by the material molding process Allows the force to be effectively transmitted through the blade. Comfortable with or without neoprene socks.


Long blade

Full foot

Soft blade for long distances

For beginner divers and long blade first challenge divers

Made in Italy