Gala Turbo Carbon

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2021It was released in the year and is very popular.Turbo has been added to Gara Impulse Modular!
The shorter water rails on both sides make the blades even more flexible and improve propulsion.

Cressi's Gara Modular Series Impulse carbon is new as Gara Turbo Carbon.Ideal for those who want to dive deeper and longer.

The blade angle is set to 29 degrees, which is expected to improve performance.Very sturdy yet lightweight and supple fins.

The blades are made from 100% Japanese carbon sheet and processed at Cressi's own factory.A very supple, lightweight and durable blade.Gara Turbo Carbon is recommended for those who want to efficiently convey the movement of their feet and promote it to the maximum!

Spare parts are available as an option.

It is hard to get tired and has excellent propulsion.

Easy-to-use design for beginners to advanced users.

Cressi's original prima blade.

29 degree blade angle.



An insole is included for fine size adjustment.
When used with bare feet or thin socks, the use of insoles will improve kick performance.
Uses 100% recycled plastic.
Cut it to your favorite size with scissors along the line drawn on the insole.


・ Cressi Turbo foot pod

・ Full carbon blade
・ Blade angle of 29 degrees

・ Long blade for long distance
・ Blade can be replaced
・ More comfortable self-adjusting foot pocket
・ Made in Italy