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Cressie's XNUMXth generation diving computer Gore "GOA"Is a slim watch type that incorporates the latest technology.Cressi SubIs a subsidiary ofCressi ElecttronicaWe continue to maintain both quality and productivity as we do all development and production at.

A design that can be used for scuba and free diving, and is also favored by advanced divers and tech divers. The function is excellent, but the operation is very easy with only two buttons.
Cressi ElecttronicaHas succeeded in "miniaturizing" the computer while "maintaining" it by developing a new motherboard and increasing the battery size.
The case diameter is48 mm, A high contrast display made of mineral glass35 mm.. Maximum water resistance of case120m.

Even though it is small, the screen is easy to see because important information such as the current depth and deco time is displayed in large characters in the center of the screen, so much information (maximum depth, dive time) is displayed on the screen. , Including the water temperature) is displayed without clutter or confusion.

Modes can be switched between Nitrox, Gauge and Free in addition to normal recreational diving.

In addition, you can disable the "diving" function so that unnecessary alarms such as safety stop notifications do not sound during swimming or snorkeling.


◆ Algorithm: Dual-mixture Cressi-Wienke RGBMalgorithm + Deep stop function.
◆ Mode:AIR, Gauge, nitrox, free (APNEA),off
◆ Size: 35 × 48 × 16 mm
◆ Face size:直径 35 mm
◆ Weight:87g
◆ Frequency of data acquisition during diving:5Seconds (depth, temperature)
◆ Log: 50Dive or 60time.
◆ Depth:0~120m
◆ Thermometer
·resolution: 1
·range of measurement: -5℃ ~+40
·accuracy: 10In minutes+/- 2
◆ Clock
·accuracy: + / - 30Monthly average of seconds
-24Time display
◆ Battery:CR2430-3Vbattery.Average lifespan 4 years (when diving 50 / year).User battery can be replaced.
PCLink function
-PCCompatible interface (sold separately: Japanese not supported)
対 応OS : Windows/Mac
*The instruction manual and quick reference can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. 

Japanese manual

The manual can be downloaded from here.Links

Introduction video

Regarding attached batteries

The battery that comes with the product is a monitor battery.
It was built in at the factory to check the function and performance.
The monitor battery may have a shorter life than stated, as the battery will be consumed by the time you purchase it.The battery of this diving computer can be replaced by the user himself, so there is no problem with purchasing or replacing the battery that matches the product at an electric appliance store.
In addition, battery replacement will be charged even during the warranty period.