Maui Fin

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Special pre-order price

We will serve the 2022 NEW model at a special price only for pre-orders!
For those who pre-order during January, the 1 NEW model will be discounted by an additional 2022% from the Cressi Japan special price! (After February, the regular price will be 20 yen except during the sale period.)
The products you have reserved will be shipped in order from the products available from the end of March.
However, the production status of manufacturers and the status of orders worldwide,
Depending on the corona situation, it may be delayed significantly (late April to early May).
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Maui fins are light and easy to use even for beginners.
Performance is uncompromising, yet lightweight and easy to store.

Designed Maui by applying the same excellent design as Cressi's top-level Gara Modular Impulse and Sprint.

The blade is produced using two materials, both ends of the fin are made hard, and the central part is made soft so that water flows from the central part.
This creates excellent propulsion.

 A foot pod material that is comfortable for both socks and bare feet.

The rubber straps on the EBS Strap are covered with nylon for longevity.

The heel is soft and made of a material that fits your foot.

The strap has a handle for easy wearing and is made of a soft material that will not rub your feet.

The EBS strap has cleats for fine size adjustment. 

This is a diving center & shop version with different strap colors so that you can easily distinguish the size when renting.