Michelangelo diving computer

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The Donatello, which went on sale in 2020, is a dive computer that can be used for both scuba and freediving. With only one operation button, it is easy to use even for first time diving computers, and has features that even professional professionals can understand.

The screen is large and easy to see. The durable ABS plastic case features stainless steel buttons, black-based two-tone straps made of TPU, and a buckle made of stainless steel.

The depth is OK up to 150m.

Easy-to-read display:Large letters, with line dividers

Easy-to-use menu:Easy operation with only one operation button

Clock display:12/24Time switchable, calendar display

Light function:Has a bright backlight function that is easy to see even in the dark

The remaining battery capacity:Display when the battery level is low

Other:Interval time / Desaturation time / Airplane waiting time display

Other:Meters/With foot switching


 [Diving program (Air Nitrox)] 
Cressi-Wienke RGBMalgorithm + Deep stop function

PPO2 :  1.2-1.6
FO2 : Mix1: 21% to 50%
             Mix2: 21% to 99%

Oxygen toxicity display

Safety stop display

High altitude diving setting

Ascent rate alarm

Addition of deep stop function /Delete

Violation of ascent rate, oxygen partial pressure (PPO2), decompression sickness alarm

Full reset possible for rental

Dive planning function

Maximum depth alarm


[Freediving (Apnea) Program]

◆ Water depth display

◆Temperature display

◆Water depth time display

◆ Maximum depth alarm

◆Dive time

◆Surface time display

◆ Session time display

◆Water depth, time, interval alarm

◆Recovery time alarm


[Gauge program (without decompression calculation function)]

◆Water depth and temperature display

◆Average depth display

◆Dive time display (minute:second)

◆Stopwatch function


≪Other functions≫

◆ Log: Each program 50Dive

◆ Battery:CR2430  Lithium battery (battery can be replaced by the user)

PCLink function: PCCompatible interface (sold separately: Japanese not supported)
◆ CorrespondenceOS : Windows/Mac

Japanese manual

The manual can be downloaded from here.Links


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Regarding attached batteries

The battery that comes with the product is a monitor battery.
It was built in at the factory to check the function and performance.
The monitor battery may have a shorter life than stated, as the battery will be consumed by the time you purchase it.The battery of this diving computer can be replaced by the user himself, so there is no problem with purchasing or replacing the battery that matches the product at an electric appliance store.
In addition, battery replacement will be charged even during the warranty period.