Quantum mask

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We will serve the 2022 NEW model at a special price only for pre-orders!
For those who pre-order during January, the 1 NEW model will be discounted by an additional 2022% from the Cressi Japan special price! (After February, the regular price will be 20 yen except during the sale period.)
The products you have reserved will be shipped in order from the products available from the end of March.
However, the production status of manufacturers and the status of orders worldwide,
Depending on the corona situation, it may be delayed significantly (late April to early May).
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Quantum mask newly introduced in 2022. 

Uses Cressi's patented Advanced Fog Stop system.By creating a thin silicone curtain around the nose, it prevents hot air from reaching the lens and becoming cloudy.A heat exchange system is mounted on the upper side of the frame to lower the temperature inside the mask.The lower temperature prevents fogging of the lens.

Like all Cressi Proline masks, it uses a very soft silicone that fits comfortably on most faces.With a wide field of view, you can comfortably enjoy scuba snorkeling.

May have machine oil from production.If this oil remains on the lens, it may cause the lens to become cloudy.We recommend that you wash it with a dishwashing detergent before using it for the first time.


Made in Italy