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Cressi-The most advanced fin reaction EBS is made from a completely new polypropylene material that is more responsive, flexible and well-balanced than its predecessor.

It is suitable for divers of all levels as it has a good kick transmission and can exert a strong kick force. This new, longer blade has a blade that extends to the top of the foot pocket, like other Cressi fins, to maximize blade surface area for efficient transfer of energy from the computer-designed foot pocket. ..


In addition, the strap buckle uses an EBS strap that uses a non-slip material. The EBS strap is a Cressie original design, and we developed this special strap to meet the needs of divers who want practicality and easy handling as well as comfortable wearing on the foot.

It is made of a special bungee cord that fits all foot sizes and shapes, and is equipped with a handle for attachment and detachment so that it can be easily attached and detached even when wearing thick gloves. The strap itself is so flexible that no adjustment buckle is needed. If you adjust the equipment a little when entering the water, after that you can enjoy diving comfortably with the fins firmly fitting your feet.


Open heel foot pocket

Polypropylene blade

EBS strap equipment (adjustable)

Made in Italy