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Infused with all of Cressey's 70 years of experience, this Rondinella revives the successful principles of Cressey's prestigious light blue rubber fin, "Rondine". It's a fin.
The blades have been replaced with high resilience and lightweight polypropylene, and soft, supple thermo-rubber (elastomer) is also used in the foot pockets, frame and some inserts. The mix of these two materials creates a powerful and lightweight fin. It's very easy to use and you can use it to your full potential without the need for advanced skills.
The computer-designed foot pockets are suitable for your body structure and are easy to wear and suitable for long-term use.
Rondinella is the perfect fin for snorkeling, freediving and swimming.


Long blade

Full foot

Equipped with a foot pocket on the blade

Ideal for fin swimming

Made in Italy